“The building instantly brings our visions and promises alive”

Within the extensive structures we plan and design, the building is most connected to what we call the human scale of things. Equally, the building instantly brings the visions and promises of urban planners and city developers alive. That’s why architecture is centrally positioned in how we at KC plan and design the environment around us.

Serving individuals and communities
KC’s architectural studios are continuously expanding their portfolio, always taking human use as the leading purpose. Design and development are permanently geared towards practical implementation. This is a prerequisite for being able to realise our dreams: serving all users with the buildings we design. Thus, architecture is an important cornerstone within KC’s design practice. Architecture based on conceptuality, human scale and local context. Moreover, the buildings we create should stimulate interaction between human beings and the environment they live in.

KC’s architectural portfolio is comprised of residential buildings, schools, special buildings such as town halls, churches and embassies, offices, public utilities buildings and shopping centres. We also carry out renovations and restorations of existing buildings.

Design for human happiness
Our architecture for cure and care takes up a special place in our portfolio: Creating active, open but safe and healing environments for the weaker members of society is


Bike Apple

Alphen aan den Rijn NL

City of the Sun

Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands


Bloedbank Sanquin

Amsterdam NL


Oud Gastel NL

Chinese Embassy

The Hague NL

Blossom Park

The Hague