City and regional planning

“We create new structures that survive the generations”

Building the physical environment on a local, regional or (inter)national scale requires detailed attention to sustainable development. Newly created structures have to survive several generations. Equally important is respect for the natural and cultural elements of the land. Spatial planning asks for fundamental choices on key areas such as housing, transport, environmental planning and energy - choices that influence the wellbeing of numerous people. Choices that bring in chances for a better future. A future with sufficient care, food, water, energy, shelter, and education – in short: quality of life – for each and every one.

Captivating concepts, realistic implementation
KC designs the physical environment based on extensive knowledge of social and economic dynamics, the cultural background and the lay of the land. We shun dogmas, but are flexible enough to deal with unpredictable future situations. Sustainable and realistic designs that are innovative and surprising at the same time. This is how we add character and identity to tomorrow’s world.