verbeelding van het thema groene stedelijke omgeving binnen het programma Zuidwest Den Haag

Environment and planning act

Driven by a responsibility towards this and future generations, we do our best to ensure that working under the Environmental Law contributes to a happy, healthy, and sustainable life. The Environmental Law offers an excellent opportunity to create policies and regulations for the physical living environment that are flexible where desired and protective where needed. By integrating policies for the physical living environment into an environmental vision and translating it into an environmental plan, a consistent and predictable government is established.

The broader scope (most notably regarding environmental aspects) requires municipalities to make much clearer, area-specific choices in the environmental vision than what is customary in current structural visions. Under the Environmental Law, it is no longer sufficient, for example, to strive for a "good living environment" in a vision. It will be necessary to determine what constitutes a good living environment in each area (and, above all, why). If these choices are clearly articulated in the vision, the environmental plan can ensure that the policies are effectively implemented.

This poses a significant challenge for many municipalities. We offer support to municipalities throughout the policy cycle: from an environmental vision to an environmental plan and programs, to monitoring the effects, which then serve as input for a new version of the environmental vision. With some municipalities, we simultaneously work on multiple core instruments of the law within the policy cycle.

We support developers by substantiating their projects for an off-plan environmental permit or by assisting in the preparation of a (partial) environmental plan for the intended development.

The breadth of KuiperCompagnons - from architecture and urban planning to legal services - ensures that integrated work is second nature to us. The Environmental Law helps us to utilize that knowledge and skills even better, both within the government and the business sector.