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Environmental consultancy

In many of our projects, environmental aspects such as noise play a crucial role in feasibility. To provide comprehensive and early-stage advice, KuiperCompagnons employs a team of environmental specialists. They collaborate with colleagues from other departments in projects to create an integrated product and also handle independent projects.

The most common environmental aspect is noise. We conduct noise calculations and measurements and report and present the results. The determination of noise exposure is regulated by law and will change with the introduction of the Environmental Act. We would be happy to provide you with information on this. In our projects, we deal with road traffic noise, rail traffic noise, industrial noise, aviation noise, and the accumulation of these noise sources. Additionally, we provide advice on noise from individual businesses, activities, and public functions. For presenting results in more complex projects, we leverage the expertise of our GIS specialists. This allows us to present the results not only in tabular form but also as contour or building maps. To illustrate the variation in noise exposure across different floors, we have developed 3D maps.

Other Environmental Aspects
In addition to noise, other environmental aspects such as air quality, external safety, nitrogen deposition, odor, and dust may be relevant. Through a quick scan, we determine which aspects are relevant and whether additional research is required. We perform our own calculations for air quality, nitrogen, and external safety. For other environmental aspects and complex situations, we collaborate with trusted partners.

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For more information about nitrogen, air quality, road traffic noise, or rail traffic noise, please contact Jan Kraaijeveld at +31 6 22 01 23 30

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For more information about GIS or geoinformation, please contact Erik Jan Rem at +31 6 20 47 59 65

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For information about industrial noise or environmental zoning, please contact Mart van Wijngaarden at +31 6 17 42 56 88