Nido Bovenaanzicht van de daktuin met de verspringende balkons


For us, housing is about people, not just bricks and mortar. We understand that homes are not only a roof over our heads but above all a place where we feel safe, comfortable, and at home. Facilitating quality of life is our priority, with architecture serving as a means to contribute to that. By considering people's needs and the environment in which they live, we create homes that align with residents' desires and meet the requirements of the future. The Tuindorp Vreewijk project in Rotterdam remains a prime example of this approach.

As we assess people's needs and the surrounding environment, we also recognize that new construction is not always the best solution. Transforming vacant office buildings, outdated school buildings, or disused public properties can provide the answer. Transformation comes in various degrees, from renovation, restoration, and remodeling to minor interventions, complete transformations, or even replacement with new construction. The approach varies depending on the project's potential and future demands. The solution emerges from design research and is found through close collaboration with clients and partners.

We can serve the entire process, from concept development to zoning plans, from assessing real estate and demonstrating possibilities to providing environmental advice, urban and landscape design, and detailed architectural development using BIM. This way, we maintain the pace in the development and realization of our (future) neighborhoods and communities.