gesloten ruimte beplakt met fotobehang en zicht op de gangen

Life Science

We have developed the "Intelligent Generic Laboratory Optimization" (IGLO) method for projects of various scales, including both new construction and renovations, to ensure our solutions are sustainable, flexible, and cost-effective. The method is based on intelligently processing user information and designing interchangeable generic modules.

Architectural vision
We design for people and strive for pleasant, safe, and comfortable buildings. The requirements for high-tech environments are high and must be considered in the designs. It is evident that a workspace with natural light and views to the outside is conducive to productivity. By creating attractive and inspiring spaces, unexpected encounters occur, fostering interaction and collaboration.

Generic and Flexible
Each client has unique processes that are specifically reflected in the layout of the building. As a result, making changes without significantly altering the building can be challenging and costly. By utilizing our IGLO method, we bring flexibility to the layout. Listening to the users is an essential step in the design process to achieve a generic and modular approach. It is not just about physical movability but adaptability. With a flexible design, the generic modules can easily be adjusted to various usage scenarios, even in the future.

Thinking Ahead
New regulations, improved equipment, or new methods constantly require process adjustments. By considering future possibilities from the outset, these changes do not need to affect the layout. Looking ahead is challenging, which is why we focus on a solid infrastructure with functions being subordinate. By testing different scenarios, the future-proofing becomes evident.