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Liveable Cities

The liveability of cities around the world is under pressure. KuiperCompagnons has a clear vision on how to (re)develop our cities based on inclusive and innovative concepts for robust, resilient and complete city centers and neighborhoods; for accessibility and sustainable mobility; for diverse and resilient local economies; and for vibrant public spaces, healthy environments and affordability.

Improving the individual systems that make up a city increases the liveability of a city overall. We focus on the critical needs of people and place people centrally when searching for how we can contribute to improving the lives of the rapidly growing number of urban citizens around the world.

Water, Energy, Food, Communities

Water, energy, food and (affordable) living need to be secured to sustain the next generations in the megacities of the future. Stable economies, strong leadership, cohesive and engaged communities, employment opportunities, healthy environment and qualitative and accessible education is required to create resilient liveable and loveable cities.

Where we operate

We focus on the large cities around the world where urbanization is exerting the greatest stresses on the liveability of these societies. Our strength is to find solutions within these complex urban environments. We work from our office in Rotterdam and from our partners’ offices in the countries of our projects.

Our partners

In order to provide solutions that work within the complexity of cities, KuiperCompagnons collaborate with a group of highly innovative partners in the private, public, academic, and non-profit sectors. As every question is different, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to deliver a tailor made approach for your projects in order to deliver more and more excellent examples of responsible and sustainable projects in global cities.

foto medewerker Wouter Vos

Wouter Vos is programma directeur liveable cities