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Country with a plan

It is necessary to become a country with a plan
Gijs van den Boomen

Land with a plan is a new perspective on the future of the Netherlands. Developed from the idea that we need to visualize and test major transitions in design research to arrive at a course of action. It is now clear that even in the best-designed, best-protected, and most prosperous metropolis in the world, we need to make progress. It is crucial to pool expertise and quickly formulate answers.

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We are the first generation to experience the consequences of climate change firsthand and the last one that can do something about it
Barack Obama
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In this first magazine of Land with a Plan, we look 100 years ahead. Science fiction, of course, but still, we believe it is important to attempt to visualize the world of the next generations with you. We describe the major transitions and their impact on our space, painting a vision of the Dutch delta that will undergo significant change. How do we prepare for these inevitable transitions, and how do we work towards ensuring that the Netherlands remains a desirable place to live?

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In Land with a Plan Part 2, you will read that many key figures possess the knowledge, energy, and motivation to collectively search for the perspective for the Netherlands of future generations. How they intend to do so and what their approach is can be found in the interviews we conducted with them. Connecting long-term perspective with short-term action, on such a scale that we can offer the Dutch society a view of a robust future in terms of safety, prosperity, and happiness, must be our shared ambition.

We have worked on these two volumes of 'Land with a Plan' with great pleasure and passion. Together, we ensure that this is just the beginning of a beautiful story."

Country with a Plan is a comprehensive approach because we cannot view the challenges in isolation: everything is intertwined

On December 7, 2021, the online working conference 'Land with a Plan' took place. Under the guidance of Helga van Leur, various discussions were held about the future of the Netherlands. The following individuals participated in the discussions: Gijs van den Boomen - Director of KuiperCompagnons, Peter Glas - Delta Commissioner, Fransesco Veenstra - Chief Government Architect, Tim van Hattum - Program Leader for Climate at Wageningen University & Research, Chris Zevenbergen - Professor of Delta Urbanism at TU Delft, Annie van de Pas - Network Director of Nature and Environmental Federations, Aniek Moonen - Chair of the Young Climate Movement, Carla Moonen - Chairman of Royal NL Engineers and member of the Senate, Desiree Uitzette - Chair of NEPROM and Director of Area Development at BPD, Lidwin van Velden - CEO of the Dutch Waterschapsbank, Annemieke Nijhof - Managing Director of Deltares, and Jan Rotmans - Professor of Transition Studies at Erasmus University.

You can watch the broadcast below. (Dutch spoken)