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Flexible, fast track laboratories

worldwide – The relevance of intelligent and generic, (IGLO based) laboratories in COVID 19 times and beyond.

Medical companies worldwide feel a growing need for generic laboratories nowadays. Due to the expansion of high tech life science industries and stringent laboratory guidelines from the WHO a more urgent call for laboratory space becomes visible. KuiperCompagnons has been designing laboratories for many years now, and we are consulting many companies.

The most frequently heard wish for a laboratory is to be flexible and fast track. But the reality is ...
Too many laboratories are designed for one specific procedure, which make these laboratories neither flexible nor quickly built at all. Existing laboratories cannot easily be transformed into for instance a PCR laboratory.

This whish is even more relevant in our rapidly changing world where new viruses, like the current Covid-19, keep popping up. It’s essential to dispose of several generic laboratories which can easily be scaled up and scaled down. In this article we explain the ingredients for designing or improving these laboratories and enhancing the capacity of existing laboratory space.

To give a more inside view in the world of process architecture, and the way to approach a design process, some of the basic principles of laboratory design need to be explained. Doing so because we believe sharing our expertise’s can make the world healthier and people happier. And, as a bonus, this makes laboratories highly flexible and quickly developed.

Want to know more about the relevance of intelligent and generic, (IGLO based) laboratories in COVID 19 times and beyond? Please download the pdf below.

Authors: ir. B. Aarts, ir. R. Kanbier, ir. E. Slootweg
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