Green Living: Hills and Valleys along the Yangtze

Yichang, Hubei Province, China

The city of Yichang is located in the province of Hubei, along the Yangtze River, 300 km to
the west of the metropolis of Wuhan, the capital of the province. Also the city is located in the vicinity of the Three Gorges Dam: which is known as one of the largest hydroelectric generators in the world. The city has more than 1.4 million inhabitants within a metropolitan area that groups nearly 4 million. The landscape is characterized by lush green hills, plateaus and valleys along the banks of the Yangtze River.

The client aims to develop a dense yet attractive module of housing and boosting tourism activities in the area. To achieve this consultants and designers of KC studied the lay of the land and optimized its features to reach a high housing density while simultaneously preserving landscape qualities. This results in a new type of green high-rise building that finds its orientation according to the surrounding topography and creates green spaces that originate from the logic of the land.

Year: 2017
Client: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co.Ltd


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